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Devonshire Holdings, Inc. was founded in 1989 to provide a broad range of financial services to corporate enterprises, including restructurings, buyouts, M&A, funding and financial reorganization. Since its inception, DHI and Partners have advised on transactions ranging in size up to $1 billion in Asia, Europe, and North America. We work closely with the client’s management to help them accomplish their goals and assure success.

The Devonshire Range of Services

Corporate Governance

Boards of Directors are increasingly faced with a myriad of corporate governance issues including strictly legal and regulatory compliance requirements, strategic considerations and risk assessment, financial fairness, market impact and senior management performance and credibility with investors. While many of these issues are primarily legal in nature, in a number of the non-legal areas it will be increasingly important for Directors to seek out independent business and financial advice as part of their due diligence and fiduciary responsibilities.

Strategic Planning

Senior level advice is provided on corporate and government strategic issues with a particular emphasis on clarifying and enunciating objectives, developing alternatives, assessing strategic, economic, financial and market impacts and assisting in the decision-making process as well as implementation.  We assist management in the development of a Strategic Plan that is realistic, achievable and supportable throughout the enterprise, especially at the operating level.

Finance and Structuring

Our Investment Banking services are provided to meet our clients’ financial and corporate needs, namely capital structure, dividend policies, bank loans, debt and equity financing, risk assessments and market impacts. Clients often seek assistance in the management of their relationship with their financial sources and professional service providers, including attorneys and accountants.   Our clients often request an independent review of all their banking, debt, derivative and other liability arrangements in order to understand their cost and risks.

Merger & Acquisition

M&A services include the identification and analysis of merger, acquisition and divestiture alternatives, advice on risks, decision-making and implementation issues and takeover as well as defense strategies. Working as independent advisors or on a joint basis with major investment banks often proves beneficial to clients.  We provide the strategic Due Diligence to assure a successful acquisition that meets our clients’ goals and objectives.

We can manage the acquisition process with the client to coordinate the services of other M&A professionals, such as investment banks, attorneys, consultants and insurance companies.  In order to obtain the required regulatory approvals, we can engage the services of the appropriate legal, lobbying and consulting firms in Washington DC and elsewhere.


Corporate and financial restructuring are often needed to achieve greater shareholder value, increase financial flexibility and in some cases recover from financial difficulty.  Our team has been involved in numerous turnarounds and restructurings with a long list of successful restructuring work in nationally known cases.  Two recent restructurings were prosecuted in Chapter 11, resulting is the successfully sale of the assets to new owners.


Clients increasingly want advice on an independent basis, free from actual or perceived conflicts of interest. This has been a concern where banks and investment banks are under common ownership, where services are being marketed on a co-dependent or product line basis or where other activities such as trading and research may be perceived as a potential conflict. Independent advice is provided to ensure that the best solution to meet the client’s needs is identified and that the products or transaction involved are structured and priced on the best possible terms.

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Enterprise Analytics & Financial Models

Enterprise Analytics

Upon Client request, Devonshire shall conduct a thorough Enterprise Analysis employing our proprietary Enterprise Method™ and Enterprise Analytics. These analytics include

  • Enterprise Scoring System (ESS) for Strategic Analysis: Scores all eighteen elements of The Enterprise and then ranks the best and worst elements for strategic analysis.
  • Enterprise Rating System (ERS):
    Designed to rate and rank Enterprises for financial valuation and competitive analysis.
  • Enterprise Issues Analysis (EIA):
    Used to evaluate complex issues and their impact on their Enterprise, ranking the best and worst to determine opportunities and threats.

The ESS is included in our Monthly Advisory Fees. The ERS and EIA are priced separately.

Development of Financial Model

Devonshire shall develop a customized financial model to analyze the financial opportunities of the Client and to produce financial documents, including Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement (Source and Use of Funds), and Income Statement. The financial model is based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and will produce pro forma projections and analysis based on input from the Client.

The price to develop the financial model is $25,000 which is billed separately.

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