The Wealth of Enterprises

Written by William T. Nolan, this book is an inquiry into the nature and causes of The Wealth of Enterprises and their contribution to The Wealth of Nations. A new foundation for economics and management is needed for the 21st Century that is more broadly based than the Division of Labor.

The purpose of every Enterprise is to meet the needs of its customers at a profit to its owners.

The Enterprise Method® is the fundamental way to organize human activity to accomplish specific tasks. It is the key to understanding organized human activity.  It is the framework for governance, management and analysis of the Enterprise.

Devonshire has developed The Enterprise Method® from our experience as advisors to senior management, in performing buyouts and turnarounds and in software development.

All Enterprises can be divided into six elements which are Shareholders, Corporation, Company, Business, Product and Customers. They reflect how humans organize themselves to accomplish simple as well as complex tasks. If the Enterprise is the vehicle, then The Enterprise Method® is how to drive it.

Owners – Who owns it

Legal Entity – What it is

Management – Who runs it

Activity – What it does

Goods & Services – What it produces

Buyers – Who buys its output

The Wealth of Enterprises

This book gives the reader a definition of the Enterprise and a framework or method to analyze, manage and govern the Enterprise.

The Enterprise Method® mirrors the Scientific Method to the extent that it is a formal approach to the analysis, diagnosis and management of an Enterprise much in the same way as the Scientific Method has done for scientific research.  Both methods are reliable ways to increase output and efficiency through a standardized process.